Must try to do a better job

Posted on December 1, 2010


I’ve just recently started this new website I ad been using blogger in the past but as I said before, I really do prefer WordPress for all my website/blogging needs. I used the blogger for so long I almost forgot about my move here. That plus life has really been kicking my ass.

But I’m here now and ready to update y’all on what’s been happening around here.

My family life has gotten hectic and out of hand which prevented me from doing alot in my writing life. My husband took a job that required his relocation to a new residence. He comes and visits when he can but its only every couple of weeks. That part is taking me a bit to get used to.

My mother had total knee replacement surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving and she’s been feeling kind of down.

My grandmother’s health issues have returned and she’s been facing and giving US challanges to deal with.

In writing I was dismayed that the release of Demon’s Fall had been pushed off once again but I think we now have ALL the wrinkles ironed out and I should be celebrating the release of Demon’s Fall in February of 2011! WOOHOO!!! YEEEHAW!!!

February 2011

As of November 30, 2010 Morgan Creek was completeed, edited and submitted to the publisher–Samhain Publishing. Now comes weeks of biting my nails and chewing my stumps raw waiting for word. The book is a little over 43K and it’s been a really fun challenge to write.

I truly hope the New Year brings me some GOOD NEWS in the submission department!

Well I guess I better head off for now. More work to do and running out of time to do it.

See y’all later!