Blithering Blatherskites!

Posted on January 10, 2011


So I had this AWESOME name for the band in my upcoming release Demon’s Fall. I was SOOO excited because it was the first time I’d come up with not only a band name but an entire song and lyrics.

I just received notification that I cannot use the band name as there IS a band by this name out there in the world. DAMMIT! That SUCKS major! Now I have to come up with a new name.

So I decided I’m doing a CONTEST to get my band name.

Here’s how it’s going to work:
YOU email me a band name suggestion to I’ll check out the band name suggested and if there is NOT an actual band by this name out there you will be entered into the contest. At the end of the week (THIS FRIDAY) I will put all the qualifying names into a post on this website. THere will be open voting for a week. At the end of the week the band name with the most votes wins.

Winner will see their name in my dedication page and the band name will be used in the book. And they will receive a FREE copy of Demon’s Fall as soon as it is released!

There are some rules to follow:
1. Your emial must arrive before midnight on January 14th at
2. Your email must have “Name The Band Contest” in the subject header.
3. YOU MUST BE 18 or older to enter4. You must provide your State/Country

Any entries NOT abiding by the above rules will NOT be counted.

Once you submit a name to me, the name becomes MY property and can be used at any time without further notice.

So, if you’d like a FREE copy of Demon’s Fall upon its release you can ENTER TODAY!!!!

Hugz and BEST OF LUCK!