Posted on February 14, 2011


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Man is it a happy one for me! No my DH didnt do somehting UBER romantic like hire a horse drawn carraige to carry us to a candle light dinner. As a matter of fact my DH isn’t even in town….(he was here all weekend and he’ll be back Friday for my birthday next weekend!) Anyway….

Just in time for my birthday comes the release date for Demon’s Fall! February 16th!

YES!!! HALLALLALUJAH! WOOOHOOO! WOOT! WOOT! Get your hands in the air and swing ’em like you just don’t care! WOOHOOO!!1

Ahem…sorry. I’m just so VERY VERY excited that FINALLY we have a date and it’s coming in just 2 days! 2 days more until DEmon’s Fall hits virtual shelves EVERYWHERE!

Boom Diggity Dog Diggity BOOM BOOM BOOM!

This means that as soon as I get my copy of the book Teresa Kleemen will receive her prize! YES!

okay sorry, just had to pop in and shout it out! Now I’m off to work on a file that’s demanding I get busy and finish this book…

Hugz and see y’all soon!