Dream houses?

Posted on March 8, 2011


Everyone has a dream house, you know you do. It may be a farm house, a condo in the Village, a cabin in the woods, or a townhouse in the city.

Personally I have 3 dream houses. One I consistantly dream of–which no longer stands thanks to some drunk idiots–that was my grandmother’s place when I was a kid.

The second one stands in the middle of downtown Marshal Arkansas. Ok the location isnt what makes it a dream house. The structure itself is why I would LOVE to own it.

This house is just the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Yes, I know it’s rough around the edges, but there’s character, class and history in this place. I’d LOVE to live there…of course I’m not keen on being in the middle of town. (A town with about 800 population) but a town square none-the-less. I’d love to have this place set in the middle of a 10 acre lot surrounded by a garden of antique roses and Victorian era flowers.

My second dream house is this place:

I have no idea where it is. But again, I can see this on a HUGE open lot, surrounded by thick woods, a garden in the back, hedge roses adorn the front of the house and along a cobblestone walk.

Some people may look at either house and see dilapidated or creepy. Not me, I see definite beauty, class and opportunity.

What is YOUR dream house?