Posted on April 4, 2011


Demon's Fall

Over the weekend my latest release, Demon’s Fall, recieved it’s FIRST review. I was a little apprehensive as I followed the link to check it out.

But I was TOTALLY STOKED to see what the reviewer had to say. Here is a snippet from the review–I’d love for you to follow the link I’ll provide to read the FULL review–anyway here it is:
Demon’s Fall is a great novel full of danger, love, opposition, passion, and forbidden love. I think the way Ms. Jackson has a message in the novel about forgiveness and truth is brilliantly done. The suffering that Andras has at his father’s hands and his inner struggle add dimension to this already enticing book…If you are looking for a novel full of hearts and romance this is most definitely NOT the tale for you as a demon fights himself as well as Hell for the love of one good woman.

The full review can be found at Coffee Time Romance

Thank you SOO very much to the reviewer who took time out of her life to read my novel and then voice her opinion on it!


I have to scurry off for now, but I just HAD to crow!