Royal Weddings and Moral Outrage

Posted on April 28, 2011


This has been a wild ride of a week. Mother Nature has shown us some of her wrath and cut a devastating swath across portions of our country leaving miles of death and destruction in her wake. My heart and my prayers go out to all those affected by these horrible storms and I pray you soon have return to normalcy.

Some have said this is Mother Earth’s way of getting rid of humans to clear the world for a more civilized and intelligent life form. Others have said it was signs of the end of the world. (Maybe it is, Obama DID produce his…”birth certificate”…)

In other parts of America we have seen OBVIOUS need for a vaccine against stupidity. Along with your typical everyday fare, the Internet burned up with outrage over a Pennsylvania hen party that chose to attack a woman who is not only giving her life to teach their children but under a pen name chooses to write erotica—quite well I might add—and the news industry’s willingness to hop on the band wagon of inanity. (Of course this IS an ABC affiliate we’re discussing so I guess they can’t help it…)

If the woman in question were subjecting her students to bestiality, pedophilia, or necrophilia I’d say sure, there is a problem. If she were making her OWN books REQUIRED reading, I’d have to again raise an eyebrow. But what Judy Mays chooses to do in her own PRIVATE life is NO ONE’S business.

There was a HUGE backlash from the writing/reading community in defense of Ms. Mays. The only thing I have to add is—Honey, you can’t BUY publicity like this. I hope that your sales SKYROCKET!

Of course I’ve also read some of the not so nice comments by people regarding the women who began the witch hunt, mostly in reference to their obesity and general repulsiveness.

While I agree these women have nothing better to do all day than persecute a hard working person and I have my doubts about these women even being literate enough to actually READ a book, I find the remarks regarding their looks as appalling as the vindictiveness in their spiteful hearts for their actions.

Not everyone can be thin, and beautiful. And the ones who made remarks about these “fat ugly women” were just as WRONG and offensive in their comments. That’s like those bumper stickers that read “save a whale, harpoon a fat chick.”

You are lowering yourself to their level by attacking them for their appearance preventing them from ever enjoying anything resembling the things one reads in an erotic romance. Don’t be an example of hate and prejudice yourself.

Not that America has the patent on idiots. I’ve read news from across the globe that seems to prove Stupidity is on the rise.

There is a UK case where two men lost their jobs because they sent emails to the wrong people. One remarked to the other regarding a female acquaintance in what was reported to be coarse language a derogatory terms. Because this email was sent (in the first place it was SENT) and CC’d to the woman in question, on company time they were relieved of their financial support system.

How about the Canadian who’s “love for the wild” led him to try to keep a tiger as a pet and the cat mauled him?

Then there was a group of New Delhi friends who went on a safari and made sport of teasing a pride of lions, only to have the lions attack and drag one of them off?

Then in the beautiful Down Under a man dies after betting he can drink 30 bottles of “moonshine” in one sitting. He managed to swallow 25 before the liquor took his life.

But finalizing the week is the wedding of the 21st century. Prince William will wed Kate Middleton in a ceremony that has dominated the world broadcasting networks for months. Isn’t it wonderful that in a time when wars, murders, rapes, child molestations and other gruesome crimes run rampant the world has something BEAUTIFUL and POSITIVE to focus on?

Personally, I won’t be up at the butt crack of dawn’s early light to watch the televised service but I am PLEASED AS PUNCH to know that FINALLY good news will dominate if only for a little while.

And in my household a prayer or three will be whispered that Prince William (who is more of a man than his lying, cheating snake oil salesman of a father could ever DREAM of being) will find a long life filled with happiness and joy with the lovely girl who in a few hours will be Princess.

The only sadness I feel for this occasion is that Diana’s life was stolen and she will be unable to physically share the happy day with her son. But I’m certain she will be felt in spirit with all the love she held for her sons.

And then, I’ll be glad when I don’t have to hear or see anything about the Royal Engagement EVER again…(Although if my DH just HAPPENED to get me a copy of that ring they been advertising on TV I wouldn’t toss it out!)

Hugz to all of you!